Design your table

Many of the tables I’ve created come from my own imagination, along with influences from other works I’ve encountered. But I want to know: what are you dreaming of?

Let’s start with the foundation: the legs and base. What do you prefer?

1. Classic wood base 2. Industrial angle-iron legs 3. Simple, modern hairpin legs

What about the species of wood for the table top? Do you love:

1. The richness of walnut 2. The brightness of maple 3. The rosy-warmth of cherry 4.The classic grain of white oak

What do you want in the center of the table? It should have:

1. The artistic-boldness of epoxy resin 2. The energy of live plants 3. The striking-beauty of minerals and stones 4. The tranquility of river rocks

And finally, the shape of table? Do you prefer:

1. The classic lines of a rectangular table 2. The bold reminder of wood’s natural origins on a live-edge table

Let me know what table you dream of! Then I get to do what I love: create a gorgeous table just for you, one you will use every day for years to come.