Dark Walnut Table with Pearl Inlay

This table will stop your friends and family dead in their tracks when they see it- it’s that captivating. The wildness of the live-edge Walnut with the softness of the pearl makes this table become the centerpiece of your dining room.

The rich browns that fade to soft yellows compliment the pearl center-inlay like wine compliments chocolate. As you can see in the pictures, the grain has beautiful, irregular figuring to look at. And just one glance won’t do- you’ll notice as you move around, the pearl epoxy-resin subtly changes with each angle. The soft sparkles of a million points of light of the pearl are always moving, depending on where you’re looking from. Again, photos just can’t do it justice! This is a table you can eat on, work from, entertain at…

  • 62″ long x 29″-26″ wide
  • Comfortably seats six


Make it yours!